How to Learn to Hit a Punching Bag

Boxing is one of the most complete sports that exist. Although for many it is left aside considering that it is an aggressive sport, the reality is that this statement is far from reality. It is an activity that has numerous benefits and that can be practiced both to compete in this discipline and to exercise at a general level.

For this reason, more and more people decide to buy a punching bag to place it in their home and thus be able to enjoy a very complete workout, with which you can get in good physical condition and even lose weight.

At the time of getting one of these bags, it is common for doubts to arise as to where to start. For this reason, next, we are going to teach you how to learn to hit a punching bag. In this way you will no longer have an excuse to start enjoying this sporting activity from which you can get a lot out of it.

Benefits of hitting a punching bag

If you are looking for a workout to get in shape while having fun, losing weight and releasing tension. You must bear in mind that practically all the muscles of the body are used when punching. Therefore, when practicing with a punching bag, total coordination of the large muscle groups is necessary.

The impact on the bag with the fist produces an activation of the muscles of the shoulders and arms; and also from the core area (back, abdominals and pectorals), legs and buttocks. Therefore, boxing is a highly recommended activity to do a total workout. Below we explain the main benefits of this activity:

develop different abilities

Performing bag boxing practice helps to simultaneously improve coordination, strength, endurance and speed. In this way, for this practice you not only need maximum strength, but also cardiovascular and muscular resistance.

high intensity training

The well-known HIIT training, which is high-intensity interval training, has been applied in the world of boxing for a long time. This training system has been shown to be highly effective in burning fat, and therefore perfect for losing weight.

release stress

The act of hitting a punching bag helps to release stress. The concentration that is required for the execution of the movements and blows helps to disconnect and get rid of the tensions of everyday life.

Exercise abs and legs

With this practice it is possible to achieve a good exercise for the abdominals, since cardiovascular work is combined with movements that exercise this area of ​​the body.

Also, by always being in motion while hitting the bag, the legs get in shape as well.

Instructions to learn how to hit a punching bag

If you want to know how to learn to hit a punching bag, you should follow these instructions:

  1. First of all, you must bandage your hands and put on the gloves, so that once you are equipped, you can start perfecting the technique.
  2. You should stand in front of the punching bag with your feet shoulder-width apart. In the case of right-handed people, they should put their left leg forward and raise the heel of their right foot to hit; and if you are left-handed on the contrary. Also, keep your knees slightly bent. Also place your fists at face height and align your shoulders.
  3. To hit you must align the point of impact of the hand with the forearm. The bag must be hit with the knuckles. You also have to pay attention to the movements of the feet, since you should make boxing movements around the bag, with your knees slightly bent and your fists up.
  4. Once these basics are known, some classic shots should be tried. For the Straight, from a guard position, the strike is initiated from the metatarsal twist and trunk twist. Extend your arm until you hit the bag with your knuckles. Once the impact is achieved, quickly return to the starting position.
  5. In the case of the Crochet, it is a blow that has a curved trajectory. From a starting position the blow starts from the rotation of the metatarsals. The lead arm should be thrown at a 90-degree angle with the elbow bent. The knuckles point towards the opponent in a lateral manner. When it is hit, it returns, again, to the starting position.
  6. For the Hook, it must be done with the elbow joint closed, with an angle of flexion or opening that will depend on the objective. These joints go from the bottom up, with the knuckle pointing up. The turn of the foot, hip and shoulder is important for the blow.

What do you need to learn to hit a punching bag?

  • Boxing bag
  • Boxing gloves

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