How to Start Practicing BMX

As for youth sports, the ones that tend to stand out the most are Skate and BMX. It is the latter that we will focus on in this article. Well, we will not only give the concept of this sport, but also give our readers a brief overview of what you need to start practicing BMX. Well, although sports and any outdoor activity has been reduced today by the global quarantine that is being experienced. Keep in mind that this will not last forever. And allowing our young people to play sports is always a positive option.

However, if it is intended to explain what you need to be able to practice BMX. We consider it appropriate to first know what this extreme sport means and what its meaning is. For this it will not be very complex, because we can explain it in just a small paragraph.

BMX is the abbreviation (or acronym) of Bicycle Motocross Extreme. A sport born in the United States, to be more precise in California, back in 1969. When a boy named Scott Breithauptite came up with the ingenious idea of ​​using a bicycle on a motocross track. In order to replicate the pirouettes and maneuvers of his idols in that motor sport. Thus giving rise to what we know today as BMX.

What do you really want when practicing BMX?

Like any sport, it usually has its derivatives, types or as they are better known, “Specializations”. In the case of BMX there are two types which are classified as Freestyle and Race. Each one is practiced in different environments, one being more similar to motocross (Race), while Freestyle is more urban. In fact, the same freestyle is subdivided as follows…

  • dirt.
  • Street.
  • Park.
  • Flatland.

Each of these subcategories in turn has a type of bike specialized for the environment in which they are designed. If you go to a store specialized in the sale of BMX they will be able to show you the differences that each one has.

Knowing all this is important, not only to know what type of BMX bike to buy, but also to understand what modality you want to start practicing BMX with. Well, although they are managed within the same sport, the truth is that depending on the specialization for which you are inclined, the environment and practice changes a lot. In general, the favorite of young people is freestyle, not only because it is the most popular, but it is also the most practical when it comes to starting to practice BMX. For the simple fact that you can do it in a park, on your street or wherever you like in the city.

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