Shoulders Routine at Home

Keeping fit is important, why? I think it is self-evident to know those motives. But do you know what is for many the most complicated part of exercising? The part where you have to take the initiative to go to the gym. If this is your case, our recommendation is that you “bring the gym to you”. By this we mean starting a workout at home, is it possible? Of course it is and with this shoulder routine at home you will discover that the training can be as intense as the one you do in a gym.

For this routine to take effect, you have to keep two things in mind… The first is that this is a circuit routine. Which means that you will have to do between 4 to 5 laps once you finish performing all the exercises that we will show below. The second thing you should keep in mind is that to get good results in any routine, you don’t have to go to the most expensive gyms, NO! What you need is to eat well. If you prepare a good diet that complements your training, rest assured that muscles will be left over. That said, now we can start the list of exercises that make up this shoulder routine at home.

List of exercises for this shoulder routine.

Next we will see each of the exercises that make up this circuit. In addition to seeing the number of repetitions that have to be done for each exercise identified.

Shoulder Press (12 repetitions).

To start this shoulder routine at home strong, we are going to take an object that serves as a weight. It can be anything solid with a certain weight and that has a good grip. For example, a bottle of liquid soap, although it is also valid to use dumbbells if you have them at home. Once we have the weight at our disposal, what we will do is hold it firmly with our arms, which will be placed in “L (ele)” with the knuckles facing the ceiling.

With the correct posture, what follows is the exercise or movement. Which consists of lowering and raising the weight in our hands slowly. It is not necessary to go to the races, this is not a competition, the slower and more controlled the movement, the better worked the exercise will be. It is important that the weight we use is something we can control, in order to perform the exercise while maintaining good technique. If you have a hard time raising your arms, it is because you are using excess weight.

Front / Lateral Raises (12 repetitions).

Pay attention to this exercise, because posture and control are key to being able to do it correctly. The first thing you have to do is place one of your arms to one side of your body, and the other must be in front. Once that is done, you must raise your arms until they are perpendicular to the body. Forming an “L” in the air with both of your arms, remember that they both go up at the same time. Once you achieve that, when you go down you will have to change direction with both arms, that is. The one that had a side, will now be in the front, and the one in front will be on the side.

The exercise is done by inserting the arms between both directions. And it counts as 1 repetition only when you return to the starting position. From your arms

Upright Row (12 repetitions).

At the moment the shoulder routine at home is quite intense, however the break has not yet come. For this exercise you only have to raise the weight in your arms to the height of the chin or chin.

Although this exercise is simple, it is crucial that when you do it, when you raise your arms, you do so by trying to raise your elbows, not your wrists. That means the weight will be lifted not by the help of your wrists, but as a consequence of trying to raise your elbows. That is why it is so important to use a weight that you master to perform these exercises.

Rear Delt Fly (12 repetitions).

And to conclude with this shoulder routine we have to work the back (back of the shoulders). To do this you just have to tilt the trunk forward and hold the weight where the palms of your hand face backwards.

The exercise consists of lifting the weight to the height that our body allows, maintaining a constant controlled movement. There is no need to force yourself to go higher if our body does not allow it.

In this way we conclude with the writing of this article, I hope you are encouraged to put into practice this shoulder routine at home, which if followed religiously, will allow you to enjoy powerful shoulders.

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