How to Choose the Weight of the Dumbbells

It is very important when doing exercises with dumbbells that you know what type of weight you are capable of lifting, how many repetitions you can do with that weight and of course, what your physical capacity is when you start.

It is very important to know this, because a person who has experience and knows what they are doing or is used to playing sports is not the same as a person who is not used to it. If you want to start with weights and strength exercises in the first place and you are not used to it, you can risk injuring yourself and causing damage. Therefore, you have to know what your capabilities are, how far you can go and of course, when you know it, give your best and not stay at the same weight.

You will already be increasing the weight of the dumbbells as you perform the exercises, improving and having more experience and your body can handle the kilos.

Instructions for choosing the weight of the dumbbells

  1. Whenever it is the first time that you are going to gain weight and exercise with weights(dumbbells) it is convenient, that you ask and observe how it is done. Doing it crazy only brings injuries that, in some cases, can be serious. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to the gym, always ask the trainer for advice.
  2. In the case of doing it at home, do not worry. You can too. But it is always better to do it with a low weight. In this way, you will have a first contact, you will progress with the exercises, you will perfect them and thus, you will be able to increase the weights.
  3. In the event that you are a novice or have doubts with the weights, small weights are always preferable. Eye, one thing is little weight and another that is almost ridiculous. For example, half a kilo would be considered ridiculous (cases would be valued, of course) but to do, for example, strength exercises, to build muscle, etc. Well, nothing will be achieved.
  4. Nor will I say that a man or a woman almost always has more strength because it is not always true and because it seems very macho to me. There are women who have a lot of strength and look good skinny and men who are full of volume and can barely lift a hundred kilo weights. Therefore, let’s leave the comparative cases and how each case should be looked at and known individually, we will only comment “above” to avoid injuries and broadly speaking. It does not matter the sex or gender of each person.
  5. For a person who is just starting out or who has not been in for a long time, the most convenient thing would be a weight of at least two kilos. But beware, if you start training strength, you want to increase volume, burn fat, etc. You need weight and work hard on the reps. Therefore, increase the weight whenever you can to a minimum of four kilos and nine kilos. That would be a dumbbell weight to start giving it your all.
  6. The important thing in these cases is that the repetitions that are done with the weights cost you. That it is not light, that you do not do them almost without messing up your hair or without sweating or leaving your skin. If so, then it is clearly telling you that you should increase the weight.
  7. If you notice that each exercise costs you (not to injure yourself) we speak of normal fatigue. So, you are on the right track.
  8. When you start with the exercises it is always better to know how far you can do and reach. Do not try out of the blue to do exercises with weights of one hundred and fifty kilos, worse example. Because if you can’t and don’t have the strength, it’s silly and you can cause serious injuries.
  9. There is an exercise that is very good to know how far you can go with the weights and their strength. That exercise is the bicep curl. Surely they advise you to do it in the exercise tables for arms. In this way, you will be able to assess what weights you can take and with which one, you no longer control well.
  10. How do you know that the weight is no longer tiring you, it’s that you really can’t handle it? Well, at the same moment that you try to do the exercise and verify that you cannot do it well or you do it even badly to support that weight. Immediately, lose kilos.
  11. How do you know when it’s your turn to gain weight and increase it? At the moment that after the exercise sessions and with the repetitions, you begin to notice that it is no longer difficult for you to do it. That is, instead of fifteen or twenty repetitions of each exercise, you could even do more, without problems. That is the moment, to raise the weight.
  12. Ideally, and whenever you can afford it, it would be convenient and it would be very good for you to be able to get a set of dumbbells of different types of weights. If you can’t afford to buy several and different weights, try buying the barbell and weight plates. In the end, it is a weight and the weight of the bar (which already adds up) and the discs are added, which are the weights that you add to it.
  13. If you can go to the gym, even better. You will pay the monthly fee, but you will save yourself buying the material that in the end is more expensive and takes up a lot of space.
  14. Evaluate what type of exercises are the ones that interest you the most or are going to do. It will not be the same to do arm or upper body exercises, for example, then to do lower body exercises. From the famous lunges, squats, glute kick, etc.
  15. If your wrists are usually sore, if you can, get yourself a pair of wrist wraps so you can do exercises with weights. It will hold your wrists and thus, you will not injure yourself. And the gloves are also very good for people whose dumbbells slip due to sweat or get injuries on their hands.

What do you need to choose the weight of the dumbbells?

  • Whenever possible, to get started, go to a gym.
  • Try to be able to pay a coach so that he can advise you well and help you.
  • Some dumbbells.
  • A set of dumbbells of different weights to be able to vary with the weights and exercises.

Tips for choosing the weight of dumbbells

As we always say, it is preferable whenever you are not familiar with the exercises, that you go to a gym so that the trainer can help you and advise you. Or, hire a personal trainer.

But if you can’t afford it, then consider your exercise capacity, fitness, and strength.

If you can get several dumbbells of different types of weights, much better. But if not, start with something that is neither too low nor too heavy. The advisable thing is that in the same place where you buy them, you can try it. For example, do an exercise like the biceps curl. You will see then, with what weight if you can and with which it is already very difficult to be able to do the exercise well. If you can’t do it well, it’s because the weight is too much for you and if you do it without problems or getting tired, it must be higher.

Take that detail into account. Always careful to be able to do the exercises well, getting tired, but without injuring yourself or being too much. When you get used to that weight, then go for a higher weight so that the muscle continues to progress and you get better. If the body gets used to a weight, it doesn’t work and you won’t progress.

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